The Mice

What is a Mouse?

  • small mammals
  • belong to the rodent family

Deer Mouse

  • two toned fur that resembles the summer coat of a white-tailed deer
  • reddish-brown with a white belly
  • 7 to 10 cm long body, long ears and a long bicoloured tail
  • most common mouse in North America
  • mainly active at night
  • carriers of the Hanta Virus, which can be dangerous to humans. 

Woodland Jumping Mouse 

  • use their strong feet and 20cm tail  to jump up to 3m
  • bright gold fur with streaks of black on the sides and a white underside
  • 5cm to 15cm long with a 2.5cm to 20cm tail
  • hibernate during the winter

Meadow Jumping Mouse

  • strong feet and tail for jumping
  • their bodies measure 9cm.
  • tricoloured
    • head and back have a broad olive brown band, their sides are yellowish streaked with black and underneath they are white
  • hibernate during winter

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